Extended Wireless Installation

Using AP Repeaters & routers

There are several ways of extending a wireless network. A wireless extension of a network with AP repeaters is ideal for open buildings. Repeaters are devices that are specifically designed to extend the range of a network by picking up a signal and passing it on to the next device. AP repeaters can be connected wirelessly or by using a TCP/IP Ethernet patch cable, physically wiring the device.

AWAC Extended Wireless Setup Diagram

Figure 1: Extended wireless setup with AP repeaters.

Extended wireless connections with multiple Wi-Fi Routers

There can be a max of 4 wireless AP repeaters per wired AP. There can only be one wireless AP hop in the network, up to 128 AWACs and up to 100 wireless emergency devices per router.

AWAC Extending Wireless with Multiple Repeaters

Figure 2: Extended wireless connection with AP repeaters and multiple Wi-Fi routers.

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