Generation III products have been designed to be the best performing products on the market today. Providing the best value, best energy consumption, optimal output and quality design, no short cuts have been taken in ensuring that our customers receive nothing but the best.


All Generation III emergency products have been painstakingly engineered to perfection in Australia. Boasting one of the biggest engineering teams in the industry you can be confident that Ektor has the team and resources to deal with your requirements.

FEA Simulation with calculation
Thermal analyses


There is a large difference between making a product and making a really exceptional product. Thousands of engineering hours have gone into making Generation III products great by streamlining production, ensuring robust construction and using materials optimally. But engineering doesn't stop there; throughout the entire life of Generation III products, engineers are continuing to make advances in product reliability and design.

FEA Simulation with calculation
Thermal analyses


High quality polycarbonate plastic is used in all Generation III products removing ABS plastic from the mix. Polycarbonate provides a higher strength product and doesn't produce the thick smoke that is normally produced by ABS and ABS + PC mixes when burnt. PC also provides better resistance to many chemicals found in specialised production facilities and farming sheds. For more information on the chemical resistance of the Generation III products see our Chemical resistance sheet.


With quality comes full forward and backwards traceability allowing quality issues to be tracked, identified, and minimised.


The qualification to the ISO9001 quality system should not be understated. All Generation III emergency products are manufactured and audited to ISO9001 by TUV Reinhardt, a leader in quality system approvals. This quality system allows us to deliver consistently and improve reliability which can not easily be achieved in products manufactured without a quality system.


The smart nature of the Generation III product range allows your representative to provide fast and accurate lifetime analysis and reporting. This reporting system provides a method to quickly get to the bottom of a failure and also help with lifetime MTBF calculations and through life improvements.

Compliant emergency switchover


Where compliant means fully compliant. Generation III products are fully compliant to the required safety, EMC, and performance requirements right down to the finite details. While products on the market can be found not to comply even to the simplest requirements of labelling, the Generation III products provide the best and most compliant range of products on the market today.

Complying to AS2293 is only some of the requirements. A fully compliant product must also comply to the following:

Safety standardsAS60598.22
EMC standardsAS55015
Performance standardsAS2293.3
Temperature accelerated life test


Quality and verification are a major difference provided by Generation III products verse many other products on the market. A 32 hour fully logged and qualified burning test is performed on 100% of Generation III products. Vigorous testing standards allow us to identify quality and batch issues early and ensure that when the products are shipped we are confident that they will perform as required.

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