Wired Installation

AWAC wiring diagram

Below is the suggested wiring diagram for the AWAC to a basic standalone emergency system. The AWAC should be installed at the distribution board. Each WAC can support 2 lines of 64 emergency devices.

AWAC Wiring Diagram

DIAGRAM 1: Monitored system wiring.

Interconnecting AWACS

Multiple AWACs can be connected together to create a larger system. Using CAT5 cable each AWAC can be connected to an Ethernet/IP router network. Other devices such as PCs, smart devices, wireless routers and even an internet modem can be connected to this network.

AWAC can be connected via an IP network

DIAGRAM 2: Interconnecting AWAC

DIAGRAM 3: Monitored system wiring

AWAC can be connected to 2 WAC devices

Building Wide Installation

Below is a typical example of a building layout. Ideally, an AWAC should be placed on each floor and connected to a central router. It is possible to wire a number of floors to a single AWAC, as long as the maximum cable runs are not exceeded. Smaller networks are easier to commission and control. Each line can support up to 64 emergency devices.

Building wiring example
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