Emergency Test Switch

The Emergency Test Switch is a manual emergency test facility as well as a circuit sensing device and can sense up to 5 lighting circuits per unit. The circuit sense feature complies to AS 2293.1:2005 Sensing of circuit failure (Clause 2.3.3) as well AS/NZS 60598.2.22:2005 Changeover operation (Clause 22.17).

The device also has a key input which is used to start and stop emergency tests by triggering the relay/contactor (AS 2293.1:2005 Clause 4.3.1). The duration of the emergency discharge test can also be changed between 90 or 120 minutes and allows extra time (45 minutes) to check devices are in emergency mode after the test.

The Emergency Test Switch also provides additional features such as prolong, where the devices can remain in emergency mode for an extended time allowing a cool-down period for HID lights time to relight (AS 2293.1:2005 Clause 2.3.2).

Up to 6 Emergency Test Switches can also be connected together by interlinking cables to support single point and centrally supplied systems with more than 5 lighting circuits. This feature will only monitor interconnected fault conditions and is not triggered if the device is in a test.

WARNING: Many sites require a test switch and a circuit sense. This unit is designed to meet both requirements.

  • AS 2293.1:2005 Sensing of circuit failure (Clause 2.3.3)
  • AS 2293.1:2005 Clause 4.3.1
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Emergency Test Switch
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