Wi-Fi Protocol


The Ektor Wireless Module is designed to be compatible with IEEE802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi protocols and can simultaneously host it's own Wi-Fi network (SoftAP mode) and/or connect to another network as a client (STA mode). This facilitates easy configuration from a smart device running the Ektor Configuration App. Both SoftAP and STA mode support a range of Wi-Fi security types, including WPA2-AES, WPA2-mixed, WPA, WEP and Open.

Wi-Fi protocol

Wi-Fi features

Based on the development platform provided by BroadCom's WICED™, the Ektor Wireless Module supports a number of advanced features, including a complete IPv4/IPv6 TCP/IP stack with SSL/TLS/HTTPS for added security.

The module can communicate with up to 8 clients simultaneously with a maximum throughput of over 20Mb/s, and can synchronize it's time with network locations.

Wi-Fi protocol security

Security features

In addition to the security provided by the Wi-Fi network and TLS stack, the Ektor Wireless Module features a 3-tier password and authentication system to protect against unauthorized commands and critical settings changes.

Cloud / Web2.0

Cloud Features

The Ektor Wireless Module can connect to the Cloud to provide additional functionality. This connection is protected by TLS1.0, and AES-128 encryption.

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